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Use of this Website



Unless special permission is granted, copyright of content published on the Fujikura website (“this website” below) will remain with Fujikura Ltd. Visitors to this website may download data and store that data on their PCs or print it out for their personal use. However, it is a condition that the Fujikura copyright mark should be displayed on any copy made.
Fujikura does not provide any guarantees or assurances in relation to the content published on this website. Fujikura takes no responsibility for mistakes or errors of fact in statements, text, etc. found on this website. The content of text published on this website may be changed or the text may be deleted without advance notification.


Any trademarks (corporate symbols, corporate communication logos, and tag lines) used on this website are the property of Fujikura or entities granted permission for their use by Fujikura. Trademarks may not be used without express permission.


In principle, this website may be freely linked to. There is no need to contact Fujikura when linking to the website, but the following points should be considered:
・Addresses and content may be changed and content may be deleted without advance notification, and Fujikura is unable to take responsibility for any consequences resulting from this.
・Fujikura is unable to take any responsibility for any compensation claims made by third parties or any other complaints, demands, etc. arising from the action of linking to this website.

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