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Metal Connector-related Products::Creating the Future with Connective Technologies


1P-PAT Connectors


1P-PAT Connectors


Product Overview

Enable switching of the connectors and related products connecting pairs of optical cables using the CATS system during overhead cable connection work without flicker.

These products are sold by Fujikura.


Product Metal connector (For optical cables)
Product name 1P-PAT <1>P-PAT holder
Size 16×7.5×13.7(mm) 30.8×10.7×10.7(mm)
Application Used for connection of cables in pairs Used to maintain connection strength when fitting 1P and 1P together
Connection resistance 20μΩ or below -
Necessary tools Standard paired cable connection tool -
Applicable optical cables 0.4−0.9CCP and CCP-F outdoor wire