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Protectors for Cables, etc.::Creating the Future with Connective Technologies


Stainless Cable Protectors


Stainless Cable Protectors


Product Overview

Aerial cable damage by Taiwanese squirrels! Underground cable damage by rats!
Stainless Spiral Protectors will protect installed cables from rodents.



•The protectors are made of stainless steel, so rodents cannot chew through them.
•The spiral structure allows you to easily wind the protector around cables that are already installed.
•Joints and connections can be easily secured with PVC tape, to protect the entire length of any cable.
•If an unused portion remains, it can be easily cut with scissors.
•The stainless steel appearance makes it easy to identify portions where the protector has been applied.
•Small-diameter fiber-optic cables may be bundled together for protection by the protector.


Inside diameter(mm) Length(m) Cable diameter/height(mm)
Type S 7 2 No larger than 7*
Type A-1 12 1 No larger than 12*
Type A-2 2
Type B 35 2 No larger than 35*
*If the cable diameter/height is larger than the specified diameter/height, the length of the protector will be shorter than the specified length after installation.

How to attach (video)



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