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SZ tubes


SZ tubes


Product Overview

In addition to enabling bundling of any number of cables and cords, SZ tubes make it possible to freely and easily add, remove, and isolate cables and cords.



•The use of an SZ open configuration enables cords and cables to be easily inserted from the side.
•Long tube lengths enable the required length of cable to be inserted, doing away with the need to trim off ends or extend the tube.
•Because cables are inserted from the side, work can be performed even in narrow spaces.
•Following completion of bundling, cords and cables can be easily added to, removed, or isolated as wished.


Type External color Internal diameter / External diameter(mm) Length (mm) Applicable cable/cord bundle diameter(mm)
Type S A total of seven colors: Grey, blue, red, green, black, yellow, orange φ14/φ17 10 Up to 15
Type M
(In development)
φ20/φ23 Up to 21
Type L
(In development)
φ30/φ33 Up to 31

How to use SZ tubes(Video)



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