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Treatment of Personal Information


We believe that it is essential to take appropriate care in our treatment of personal names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses and other information that can identify an individual. We have therefore established basic guidelines for the treatment of personal information, as listed below.

In addition to thoroughly observing the stipulations of the relevant laws and regulations and the guidelines set down by the responsible Cabinet minister regarding the handling of personal information, we have made comprehensive efforts to ensure the appropriate treatment of information by establishing our own regulations, in-house systems, and mechanisms for information management. We also actively conduct programs to educate our employees in this area.

Our basic guidelines for the appropriate treatment of personal information are as follows:

1. Purpose of use, etc.
We obtain and make use of information that we feel will be useful in the efficient operation of our business. At times we make use of personal information obtained by our company in our attempt to provide information that will deepen understanding of our activities among our customers and all our other stakeholders. The information that we present is not limited to our products and services, but covers the entire range of our business activities, including numerical data related to the status of our business operations.

2. Appropriate use of information, etc.
We manage personal information within the framework defined by 1. above, and for purposes that can reasonably be considered to be related to the purposes of use outlined therein. We will obtain personal information by appropriate means within the scope outlined above.

3. Provision of information to third parties
We never make personal information received by our company available to third parties except as stipulated by law or with the prior permission of the person concerned.

4. Disclosure of information, etc.
In the event that an individual to whom personal information held by our company relates requests, using the procedure specified below, the disclosure, revision, deletion, or cessation of use of that information, we will respond to that request within a reasonable time frame and within a reasonable scope, observing the stipulations of the relevant laws.

5. Receipt of requests for disclosure of information, etc. / Liaison
Follow the procedure outlined below in order to make requests regarding the personal information held by our company, as detailed in 4. above, and to make any other inquiries related to personal information. Please note that when this procedure below is not followed, a request may not be granted.
Postal charges, etc. related to requests made to KYOEI are the responsibility of the individual making the request.

Fill in the required details on the inquiry form provided on our homepage (⇒Click here), and click on “Send”. We will inform you regarding the necessary documentation to prove your identity, and provide details of the procedure to be followed, by return email. Please observe this procedure when you make your request.