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Creating the Future with Connective Technologies


Quality Assurance


“Taking Nothing for Granted”: This is KS Quality

As a manufacturer, the management of product quality is a minimum requirement. We take it further, working to ensure quality as an absolute mission.

Quality assurance does not end with simply checking that the product meets the standards for form and function. It means establishing systems to ensure that all products shipped continue to be of a fixed level of quality.
This is why KYOEI HIGH OPT worked to achieve early ISO 9001 certification, and why, based on a rock-solid management commitment, we have established in-house systems encompassing design management and supervision of production processes to enable us to continuously offer our customers guaranteed quality.

“Taking Nothing for Granted.” This is the assurance of quality that we strive for.


Acquisition of ISO 9001 certification

▲Certificate of registration of management system

Main inspection and test equipment

Non-contact-type automatic precision dimension measurement device Surface profile measurement device 5kN universal tension and compression test machine
300kN tensile test machine Optical power meters