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Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Initiatives

Fujikura Group Global Environment Charter



Human civilization has undergone dramatic evolution with the rapid development of science and technology, enabling us to enjoy lives of abundance.
However, at the same time, environmental destruction at the global level, encompassing phenomena including global warming, the depletion of the ozone layer, acid rain, the destruction of the rainforest, desertification and the pollution of the oceans, has resulted in a grave threat to the continued existence not only of humans, but of all life on earth. Our complex and diversifying social systems are closely related to these global environmental problems, and we cannot deny that the activities of companies are a major factor in them.
Fujikura is deeply aware that its business activities are intimately connected to the global environment, and we spare no effort in our attempts to protect the environment.

Basic Philosophy

Fujikura applies its basic guideline, “Establishing affluent and cheerful lifestyles through the efforts of all employees of the Fujikura Group,” on a global scale, and company-wide activities for the protection of the environment are one of our top management priorities.

Action Guidelines

In all areas of our corporate activities, every employee will prioritize the protection of the global environment.
1. Organization and Administration
We establish internal organizations and administrative systems for the protection of the environment overseen by specific company directors. Each of our internal organizations clearly outlines its environmental objectives and environmental targets, and makes planned and ongoing improvements.
2. Improvement of Environmental Management Standards and the Level of Environmental Management
In addition to observing the environmental regulations of the national and local governments, we formulate voluntary management standards and work to further improve the level of our environmental management. We conduct regular environmental audits in an attempt to maintain and improve our voluntary management initiatives.
3. In Our Business Activities
We work to protect the environment at all stages of our corporate activities, from development, design, purchasing, production, implementation, sales and distribution to disposal. In addition, we make efforts to save energy, conserve resources, promote recycling, and reduce waste and substances that place a burden on the environment, and strive to prevent environmental pollution.
4. Appropriate Provision of Information to Customers
We provide the users of our products with information including instructions for proper use and appropriate methods of recycling and disposal.
5. Contribution to Local Communities
We actively participate in activities to conserve local environments and work to bolster mutual understanding and cooperative relationships, making contributions as a member of our local communities.
6. Overseas Business Activities
In addition to observing the environmental standards of the countries in which we operate, we work to protect the environment by formulating voluntary management standards. We make active use of our technologies and expertise for environmental protection, and we also foster personnel involved in environmental management.
7. Public Relations and Educational Activities
We provide education for all of our employees and conduct public relations and awareness-raising activities in order to promote understanding of environmental protection and increase environmental awareness.

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