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Creating the Future with Connective Technologies




Main equipment

Wire-cut electric discharge machine Non-contact-type automatic precision dimension measurement device
NC electric discharge machine Contact-type precision dimension measurement devices
Micropore electric discharge machine Surface profile measurement devices
Micro-grinder Three-dimensional measurement devices
Machining center Optical power meters
NC lathe Optical sensors
General-purpose lathe Variable optical attenuators
Universal miller Eccentricity measurement devices
Turret machine Inverted microscopes
Plane grinding machine Toolmaker’s microscopes
Forming grinding machine Profile projectors
Automatic welding machine Digital multimeters
High-speed press Selective level meter
Automatic optical connector inspection device Oscilloscopes
FA/FAS connector insert molding machine Heat cycle test tank
Small and medium-sized injection molding machines 300kN tensile test machine
Automatic assembler for optical connectors 50kN tensile test machine
CCH manufacturing equipment 5kN universal tensile and compression test machine
Dead-end grip manufacturing equipment Twisting and rotation test apparatus
  Winding test apparatus