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Creating the Future with Connective Technologies



1974 Launched as a manufacturer of dead-end grips for Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation (Now NTT)
1981 Commences manufacture of MC connectors
Joins Zensenkyo (Now Zentsukyo) at its inception
1986 Commences manufacture of parts for mechanical closures
1988 Commences manufacture of optical connectors (GI-type)
1989 Introduces CR wires with high corrosion resistance as dead-end grip materials
1990 Commences manufacture of distributing boards for facilities
1991 Commences manufacture of overhead PAT connectors
1992 Introduces press-molded MT connectors for field use
1993 Installs electrical discharge wire machining equipment and begins in-house production of molds
Commences manufacture of optical connectors for overseas market
1995 Acquires a stake in JAPAN RECOM Ltd.
1996 Commences manufacture of optical distribution boards
1998 Acquires NQAS certification
Acquires ISO9001 certification
2000 Commences manufacture of SM-type low-loss press-molded MT connectors
2001 Acquires ISO14001 certification
Commences manufacture of easy splice for private sector market
2002 Introduces injection-molded MT-R for field use
Commences manufacture of mechanical splices
2003 Begins development of cosine curve hangers (CCH)
2004 Celebrates 30th anniversary
Develops automatic burring machine for MT connectors (2MT-MM)
Introduces high-speed MT (MT-RH) for field use
2005 Introduces CCH (Test introduction)
Develops automatic assembly machine for mechanical splices
Develops automatic external inspection machine for MT connectors
2006 Receives award from President of Fujikur
(Theme: Cost reduction through development of mechanical splice automation technologies)
Develops tandem machine for manufacture of CCH
2007 Receives award from President of Fujikura
(Theme: Development of CCH)
Receives letter of commendation for CCH from NTT East Japan and NTT West Japan
(Theme: Reduction of costs and realization of increased work efficiency using bundling hangers)
Patents CCH
2008 CCH adopted across the board by NTT East Japan and NTT West Japan
2009 Receives Japan Institute for Promoting Invention and Innovation Tokyo Governor’s Award
(Theme: Basic patent for manufacture of CCH)
2010 Installs additional machine tools and expands in-house production of molds
2011 Releases stainless cable protectors (SCP)
2012 Commences manufacture and marketing of automation equipment and molds for Group companies
Releases CCH-SH connection unit
Releases SZ tubes
2013 Combined feed machine for bundled cable and CCH adopted by NTT West Japan
Stainless cable protectors adopted by KYOCERA Solar Corporation as protection against animal damage for photovoltaic power cables
2014 Celebrates 40th anniversary
Test installation of CCH in Indonesia
CCH for stringing long spans introduced by NTT West and East Japan
2015 Acquired Fujikura Line Tech Taiwan, Ltd.
2016 Establishes an overseas sales department to commence global operations
Commences delivery of NCCH
Receives the Fujikura President’s Award (theme: development of the production technology for ultra-high-precision MT ferrule)
Completion of a new plant at FLT Taiwan
2017 Releases an upper model of NCCH, the Cosine Curve-75