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Creating the Future with Connective Technologies



To dedicate ourselves to the creation of products using technologies that connect, contributing to value creation and corporate development for our customers through the provision of superior, high-quality products


•To become our customers’ most trusted partner
•To maintain and foster our development capacity, ability to create equipment, and ability to maintain our products, and to grow and expand by tending our existing business and creating new products and new technologies
•To continue to be a “dream company” for our employees and their families

Fundamental Values


Customer Satisfaction

“Is the customer satisfied with that?”


“Do we possess the desire to evolve and the will to challenge ourselves in every way?”

Human Respect

“Have we created an environment in which everyone is able to behave in a free and unrestricted manner based on relationships of trust?”

Guidelines for Action

•Our highest priority is to act with consideration of the customer’s perspective
•We will accurately perceive changes and respond rapidly to them.
•We will clearly indicate our goals
•We will act based on facts
•We will act with respect for established rules and commitments